Monday, August 29, 2011

The latest Momma Drama......

When your a stay at home mom and life becomes a little mundane sometimes you have to pretend like the little events in your life are more dramatic than they are to spice up your life. I would consider this morning of mine very productive, started off with a jog(the speed of most peoples walks) which of course was instigated by Dan(thanks husband for the motivation), came home put Hudson down in the other room with some toys and turned on Mickey Mouse Club House in-case he got bored of the toys(whenever I leave him in the family room by himself I feel like I have to put on a cartoon to give him some company... odd I know) and then I headed in the kitchen to make breakfast for Dan and I, something gourmet like scrambled eggs. Dan left for work and I headed up stairs to give Hudson a bath. This is when the drama started. I'm walking into my bedroom with Hudson on my hip and bam knocked his head right into the door. What a stupid Mom. Feeling horrible I grab his binky and blankie and hold him and apologize repeatedly with tears in my eyes till he stops crying. I then proceed to giving him a bath and see that a knot has formed on the side of his head... this makes me feel even more sick(I call Dan, My Mom, and Wendy, to help console me and talk me through it). It's now 10:00am and its time for his nap. I lay him down swaddle him (don't worry only one arm swaddled) and give him his binky and walk out. A few minutes later he begins to cry... so I go in to give him his binky and find him still swaddled but on his stomach. (he's been rolling for about 2 months but I guess he's now figured out how to roll swaddled). I turned him back over and re-did the one arm swaddle. The scenario repeats itself, but this time I decide to go in and un-swaddle him to see if he can manage going to sleep without it. Once again the crying begins so I go back in this time with a genius Mom idea! How about I swaddle him NO ARMS.... So I get back out the swaddle blanket and just swaddle his lower half, meanwhile as my light bulb is turned on bright and shinny in my head, he looks at me like Mom you really have no idea what your doing, do you. Well 3 minutes of crying (it felt like 15 minutes as I sat there watching the clock) I peep in to find him fast asleep on his side. THAT'S WHAT WE CALL A MOM SUCCESS, just rolling with the punches!!

So there you have it, the Momma Drama of this morning! Please don't judge me for anything above, Hudson's expression was spot on, I really have no idea what I am doing, but I can tell you I'm trying my best.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Every 6 Months

I often ask myself why I still have this thing. I may have over used it the first 2 years and now find myself blogged out. But alas here I am again with our 6 month check in. I would have made an update sooner but it wasn't till about 3 months ago that I learned how to put Hudson down.

Hudson Daniel Fey made it safe and sound into the world almost 6 months ago. He came a few days early but nice and easy. I was surprised to be laying in bed on February 15 and feel my water break and then go into labor. Never expected it to happen the movie way. However, easy, is a relative term, I still gave birth and to this day feel the effects of delivering a child. It's clear that somethings will never be the same! That's a topic I could write about for days, "All The Things Mom's Claim to Forget, or Intentionally Never Mention About Becoming A Mom!" But that sweet little boy brought this deep deep feeling into my life that I had never felt before. There's definitely a need for that feeling, the wee hours of the morning frantically call upon that deep feeling to help in balancing out the other emotions (exhaustion, frustration, helplessness you name it....).

From day 1 the word I use to describe Hudson is sweet. Dan would ask me, what do you mean by sweet, and I would answer I don't know he's just sweet. It's the first word that pops into my mind when I see my mini Dan.

Well I think it's official, I'm a Mom! My perfume consists of a hint of baby vomit mixed with a little acidic poop. My work-outs involve carrying and feeding Hudson. My wardrobe is anything comfortable! My sleep pattern resembles that of a new born, with whopping 3 hour stretches! 90% of my thoughts each day are about Hudson, 50% of that being about how to get him to sleep better! I spend most of my day talking or singing to Hudson every little thing that we are doing. And the poor kid doesn't even realize that every time he smiles at me when I am jabbering to him, it just encourages me to keep going. And my I-phone is proof of just how truly obsessed with him I am, is 10 pictures a day of you laying on your back to excessive. I'll apologize now for all the pictures I have of you alone, I haven't quite firgured out the right positioning to capture your mom in the picture with you!

I am slowly trying to balance back out my life, my poor Husband, whom I have to say from an UNBIASED opinion is one of the best Dad's around! 2 months ago I started to learn how to cook again, I forgot how to while I was pregnant and wasn't able to learn again till after the first couple months of Hudson's life. OOPS! It didn't help that Dan is a fabulous cook so I actually preferred him cooking! Despite all of the things that I go through on a daily basis that confirm I am Hudson's mother I still find myself wondering when his parents are going to come get him, I can't believe he's mine!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go!

I'm sure some of you have lost sleep wondering where we have been for the past year, but wonder no longer were back to sum up 2010! And as the old saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words". So to spare you a thousand words I'll let you in on quit the complex idea!

"We are" or should I say "I am" having, a little boy in the middle of February! I still haven't figured out the appropriate way to say that, because all though it takes two tango the rest, I have come to find out, is a solo dance something like the macarena until he makes his debut! I would hate to give credit where credit isn't due!

And as far as the overall year of 2010, it was good. Filled with a few more changes and adjustments than I usually like to face in one year. I remember at the beginning of 2010 talking to Dan about a few of the things that would lead to some changes and preparing myself mentally for the idea of change. But then I found myself in deja vu on new years eve as I thought about the even bigger life changes of 2011. I'm not real good at change. Every year I have to spend some time prepping myself for possible changes in the upcoming year. Self talk if you will. Needless to say during the 2010 mental prep the idea of adjusting to a little boy hadn't yet settled in my mind, I guess that is the point of the 9 month gestational period. The mental prep of past years doesn't quit compare to the amount of mental prep I am going to have to squeeze in this year. I felt so prepared to be a mom up until the day I realized I was expecting, which came about two months after actually finding out I was pregnant. I find myself most days walking in a daze, similar to how I felt right before I got married. I think both of these dazed phases have served the same purpose in my life, it keeps me a little out of it so I don't have to try and fully comprehend what's about to happen. But needless to say were excited for this little guy! He can take as much time as he needs to come out though, his soon to be parents still need some prep time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Year to Remember...2009

Well, another year has come and gone! Where does the time go? 2009 was a good year for the Feys. We had some great opportunities come our way and we had several new additions to the family. I’m just going to hit a couple of the highlights this year. If you feel that we left something off, don’t worry we had fun, it was a highlight, but it just didn’t make the list.

Jan – Road trip to the Bay Area. Unfortunately somewhere between Provo and San Francisco we lost Ashton and KC Grewal. Life just hasn’t been the same without them
Feb – Long weekend trip to Seattle with our friends the Grewals (do you see a pattern).
April & May – Welcome the new addition Leah into the family. Another LONG road trip to Virginia to embark on a summer full of questions? We weren’t exactly sure what would happen when my internship fell through last minute, but we packed up our belongings and made the trip. It was great! I got a ton of great experience, Kristi loved her jobs and really felt a connection with the Larsen children. We got spoiled rotten by Kristi’s parents (thanks a ton) and we got to spend a bunch of time with family we don’t see to often.
June – I celebrated my 25th birthday. We went to a wonderful beach house in North Carolina with the whole Carver Clan. It was my first time and we absolutely loved it! Thank Mom and Dad. I got a new internship and it was a great blessing.
Aug – We added another niece and nephew to the family, Luke at the begining of the month and Sasha at the end. We finished up our time in Virginia and after some tearful goodbyes and 3 ½ months of fun we started out again for Utah. We did have some pit stops on the way. We dropped down to Georgia and visited my brother Matt and his wife Amy. We had a great time with them and loved downtown Savannah. They almost sold us on it. We then continued West and stopped in Colorado just in time to see my best friend Eric Bell marry Madison Mills. A beautiful wedding!
Sept – School started up again and we both regretted going back. I was in my last semester (only 2 classes) at BYU and Kristi was down to 2 semesters at UVU.
Oct – Another nephew to the family, Zachary. We celebrated Kristi’s 23rd Birthday. I got a job with Intermountain Healthcare doing sports performance (a dream come true, feels good to work again).
Nov – Thanksgiving with the Jeppson extended family and a yearly tradition we hope of having Val come out and spend some time with us in Provo.
Dec – I graduated finally! Christmas in Puyallup, nothing like it and a little Carver time up in ogden.

We had a great year and look forward to what the future holds for us. We hope that we can see you soon. We love being with family and friends and hope it is sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In the life of 23 year old Kristina Fey!

Oh the joys of being a little bit older and wiser! Turning 23 has been a little tramatic for me. I don't know why, it's just a year older than 22 right, but it sure sounds a whole lot older, and its started to get me thinking. Do i really look like I am 23? When I look in the mirror I still see an 18 year-old with some "minor" body changes! I am really just hopeing as I get older I don't get more weird hairs in weird places, eeek! And since I am still in college I have found myself feeling like I need to justify being 23 and still working on a bachelors. It has taking me a little longer than usual to embrace this age, I am working on it! I do love birthdays, but as you get older you become a little bit more anxious about them! However, thanks to wonderful family and friends, 23 was brought in with a bang! Tiny zachary was born the day of my birth and the night before that blessed day I got to have a shared b-day celebration with little parker!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Being a little teeny weeny Ant!!

Okay not an Ant really, but I just thought it would get you interested in this possibly boring but had to be done blog! I am an AUNT to 17 darling nieces and nephews soon to be 18(scheduled to come out the day after my birthday =)). I truly love being an aunt. Matter a fact I can honestly say that there's little I enjoy more than being surrounded by all my little kin! No offense brothers and sisters! The Real Simple magazine summed up being an aunt perfectly for me,"No guts and all Glory"! That is truly what it is like being an Aunt.Here they are in chronological order(hopefully, I'm real horrible with birth dates) and what I love about each little one!

1 Jakob- is the best complimentary!
2 Mason- has a laugh that is contagious!
3 Gregory- is so sincere and honest!
4 Kailey- is so thoughtful and conscientious!
5 Emma- can liven up any situation!
6 Cora- has a witty sense of humor and smile that lightens up a room!
7 Jared- is quiet as can be but such a tough athletic little guy!
8 Mallory- is a girl beyond her years, she is so fun to talk to and always tells you just what she thinks!
9 Isaac- gives the best hugs and knows the perfect time to deliver them!
10 Lincoln- is also very quiet but has the sweetest voice when heard!
11 Elliot- is a wonderful cuddlier, with his thumb in his mouth and his blanky dragging behind him he can melt anyones heart!
12 Cooper- has a swagger that grabs everyones attention and a finger sucking, hair twirling combination that makes him so irresistible!
13 Elsa- sings songs that without a doubt will bring a tear to your eye!
14 Parker- has the most innocent little face and has a way of getting you to do just what he wants!
15 Leah- has these beautiful big eyes, that literally have a sparkle!
16 Luke- has this rarely heard little cry that pulls on all the heart strings, and the cutest button nose!
17 Sasha- who I haven't yet met =/, looks like a little angle!!
18 Zachary- see you October 7, we all can't wait for you to join the family!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Where has the time gone????

You know those times when you decide you want to keep a journal and then you miss a few days and that turns into a few weeks? Then you begin to feel a little guilty and you sit down to write and you have so much to say, but feel so overwhelmed that you scribble down a few sentences and promise to do better and then the same thing happens again. Now you know how I’m feeling. 3 months have come and gone since our last post. So much has happened and it seems crazy to try and write it all down in one post, but here I go!

Virginia was an absolute blast and a blessing. Thank you to all of you that made that happen. We had such a fun time with nieces and nephews brothers and sisters and most of all parents. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when we decided that we would be staying with Kristi’s parents for 3 ½ months. Well, what I got was spoiled, a ton of memories, all the Thai food I could eat, golf instructions, lots of laughs and the list goes on. We had such a good time don’t be surprised if we come out again. Maybe this time will be a little bit longer though.

After a few crazy happenings I was able to do the sports performance that I was hoping. I worked with Explosive Performance and had a great summer. I worked with tons of high school football players, some collegiate athletes and an array of kids ages 10-14 looking for that edge when they compete or a little more coordination in sports. It was all I could ask for. I also was able to do personal training at a great little studio called Fitness Together. Think about, Dan working out and surrounded by sports. Anyone who knows me can understand I loved my time there.

Kristi took to Mommy relief about as fast as the little babies took to her. She was constantly getting request to come to a home and work with children. She has a knack with children(thank you to the almost 18 nieces and nephews Carver and Fey). As popular and busy as she was she found more time for work. She began to nanny for the Larson family. No small task when considering they have five children 7 and under. She absolutely loved the 6 weeks or so that she was able to spend with them. She gained such a love for those children and they in return loved here. This was evident by the huge banner and going away party that was thrown for Kristi and the many tears shed by both sides.

We also had a sweet vacation in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We lived it up in a wonderful beach house and rest and relaxed to our hearts content, just what we needed in the middle of summer. Just prior to this I turned 25, I can’t believe that! Right when we returned we celebrated 2 years of marriage, another crazy milestone I can’t believe, but feel so lucky to have hit. Thanks babe!

I don’t think we wanted to leave Virginia and I think Virginia didn’t want us to leave based on the amount of money that we had to put into our car days before we left, but we were able to leave and travel down to Georgia to visit my brother Matthew and sister in law Amy. We had a great time guys, thanks for making it so enjoyable! We saw countless wildlife (gators, dolphins, deer, raccoons, vultures) and ate the best peach crepes of our lives. Then we continued on from Georgia to Denver to attend one of my best friend’s weddings. Eric Bell got married and I was in the wedding party. We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful temple sealing, ring ceremony and reception dinner. Thanks to you all!

Now were back in good old Provo after spending 3 days or so with the Pippins and seeing baby Luke. We’ve enjoyed our time here, but as they say all good things must come to an end. I have 2, yes count them 1-2 classes remaining in obtaining my bachelors and Kristi got some great news yesterday from her counselor that after her 16 credits this semester and 14 next semester she will be finishing up in April. We can’t wait to see after that where our next great adventure will take us. Sorry for the novel, but it is the only way it can do a little justice for the incredible summer we had. Thanks to everyone that made it so great especially Dean and Linda, you’re the best!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Shot in the Dark

Well, we really have flown by the seat of our pants these past few weeks. It brought us all the way to Virginia. What Kristi failed to mention is that we went out there with no real promising leads. The internship that I was supposed to have informed me the day before we were going to take off that they would be closing down there facility and that my services would not be needed. So needless to say what do you do in a time like that? You go out anyway, bum off your in-laws, spend time with nieces and nephews and look for jobs knowing that if you don't have any luck then you can turn around in the car and make the 30 hour drive back to greener pasteurs in Provo, UT.
A quick update though. We both felt really good about coming out here and knew at least we would save a little rent money (thank you Carvers), but were unsure of anything beyond that. Well, for the past week and a half I have been working as a personal trainer at a place called fitness together that offers small personal suits and that caters primarily to adults. It is located in Chantilly, which alloww me to run to work(only 2 miles...priceless!) It has been a good experience to date. Kristi had a job interview last week and upon completing the interview was offered a job right there on the spot. She will be doing Mommy Relief, assisting mothers in their homes you have recently given birth and are finding it difficult to adjust or simply need an extra pair of hands. She will be great at that, it's right up her alley. More great news, I was informed by Velocity sports yesterday that I was accepted to their internship program and will be starting the 26the of May. This is what I really wanted despite not being paid, it will give me a great opportunity to look into the sports performance field and see if it is really something I want to pursue.
All in all things are going great for us. We couldn't be happier and feel like we've been blessed a ton. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Kristi thanks for being patient and a thanks to all the family members that we've been able to see and spend time with. We've had a blast and look forward to another three months!